Moving Targets : Understanding our Changing Landscapes

LOEX 2006 Conference Presentations & Handouts
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Scott Walter - Keynote speaker

Joan Lippincott - Keynote speaker

Exploring the Librarian's Role in Promoting Academic Integrity on Campus
Candice Benjes-Small, Eric Ackermann, Kevin Tapp
presentation | handout | references

A Tutorial With a Twist: How Plagiarism Advances Library Instruction
Sandra Hussey, Mark Jacobs

Our Transition Mission: Reaching Out to the High School Community
Ken Burhanna, Mary Lee Jensen, Barbara Schloman
presentation & handouts

Connecting with AIM: The Search for a Virtual Reference Niche
Lucretia McCulley, Olivia Reinauer

Hitting a Moving Target: Curriculum Mapping, Information Literacy & Academe
Kristen A. Bullard, Diana H. Holden
presentation | handout

Myspace & Facebook: Reaching Our Students with Their Technology of Choice
Yvonne Meulemans, Melanie Chu

Who Put That Column into the Middle of the Room? Designing Functional, Flexible, and Forgiving Spaces for Library Instruction
Paul Glassman

Online Knowledge Surveys as a Means of Library Instruction Assessment
Steven Baumgart, Elizabeth Hassemer

Creativity & Personalization: Freshman Orientation for the Millennial Generation
Ann Wheeler, Pam Harris

Lost in Translation? International Students & Non-English Information Literacy
Ethan Pullman

Grains of Learning: Learning Objects & Library Instruction
Deborah Diller
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Assessment: Builds Strong Programs Eight Ways! It's Good for You!
Tom Bickley, Kyzyl Fenno-Smith, Steve Philibosian
presentation & proceedings

Is Google God? How do students look for information today?
Gerri Foudy, Travis Johnson

The Begetting of Information Literacy Tutorials: Third-Wave Tutorials for the iPod Generation
Susan Metcalf, Meg Atwater-Singer
presentation & references

Staying au courant: Resources for Instruction Librarians
Jana Varlejs
| handout

What Does First-Person Shooter Have to Do With Library Instruction?
Ann Brown, Paola Ceccarini, Cathy Eisenhower

Creating Avenues: Partnerships in a Changing Library Environment
Kate Jenkins, Judy Pula

Convening an Emerging Technologies Working Group in an Academic Library
Debra Riley-Huff, Erin Ellis, Tami Albin
presentation | handout

Dancing with Problem-Based Learning: The Perfect Partner
Celita DeArmond


Finding Your Inner Gamer: Adapting Instruction for Digital Natives
Robin Ewing, Justine Martin
presentation | handout

Let the Games Begin! Changing Our Instruction to Reach Millennials
Bee Gallegos, Tammy Allgood, Karen Grondin

Using Scenarios to Teach Undergraduates About Copyright, Fair Use, & Plagiarism
Susan Ariew, Heather Runyan
presentation | handout

How They Learn/How You Teach: Building Library Instruction Sessiosn for Multiple Learners
Jeff Newman, Pia Russell

Letting Go & Starting Over: Transforming an Information Literacy Tutorial
Steven Frye, Nikki Busch, Abbie Loomis

Assessing the Foundation
Gayla Byerly, Annie Downey

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