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You Quote It, You Note It!

Author: Vaughan Library (Acadia University)

Publisher: Acadia University

Keyword(s): academic integrity, information literacy, evaluating sources, ethics, plagiarism

Audience(s): N/A

Audience Discipline(s): N/A

Assessment Present?: Yes

Part of a Series?: Yes

Date Created: unknown

Date Updated: November 30, 2004

Date Added to LOEX: April 1, 2008

Date Re-verified: October 1, 2012

The interactive tutorial presents basic information about plagiarism and asks users questions along the way to facilitate comprehension. Its strength is its discussion of the difference between paraphrasing and quoting and how to do both properly. The language is accessible and users can even select an avatar to represent themselves throughout the tutorial. This tutorial is often cited by information literacy professionals.