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Q & A for Plagiarism

Author: Writing Center (University of Maine at Farmington)

Publisher: University of Maine at Farmington

Keyword(s): academic integrity, information literacy, evaluating sources, ethics, plagiarism, copyright

Audience(s): N/A

Audience Discipline(s): N/A

Assessment Present?: Yes

Part of a Series?: No

Date Created: unknown

Date Updated: March 29, 2007

Date Added to LOEX: April 1, 2008

Date Re-verified: October 1, 2012

This quiz is part of a longer tutorial about plagiarism and copyright. The quiz presents eight short scenarios with the option for the user to determine if they are or aren't plagiarism. Explanations are given for why or why each one is not plagiarism. The range of scenarios presented demonstrate the complexity of plagiarism.